Educational Trips (Policy 204)

A student will be permitted to take not more than two (2) educational trips per school year, not to exceed a total of five (5) school days, with his/her parents/guardians and receive an excused absence provided parents/guardians comply with program requirements.

When an educational trip is planned which will require a student to be absent from school, an Educational Trip Form should be completed and returned to the office one (1) week prior to the trip. Neglecting to obtain prior approval for the educational trip will result in the recording of unexcused daily absences for those days absent.

“Take Your Child to Work” program is considered an educational trip for which a form must be completed and pre-approved.

Grade 3-5 are required to participate in PSSA testing, educational trips shall not be approved during PSSA testing periods. This restriction also pertains to any other state-mandated testing windows that may arise in the future. 

As the beginning of the year is a critical for teachers and students to establish a rapport and important understandings about teaching and learning and the end of the year is a critical time for culminating activities and the collection of school resources provided to students.  Educational trips shall only be approved absences during the first or last ten (10) school days, if the following criteria are met:

1.  The parent/guardian must consult with the student’s principal and/or teacher(s) and prepare a written plan outlining how the student will gain important understandings and complete required assignments.

2.  The parent/guardian’s written plan must be attached to the educational trip request submitted one week prior to the trip.

3.  If applicable, the parent/guardian must ensure all end-of-school year obligations are met such as:

  1. a.  returning all texts and school property
  2. b.  payment of library fines
  3. c.  the student must clean out his/her locker or desk.

Failure to meet the criteria will result in the recording of the absences as unexcused.

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